Live In Europe [2CD]

Live In Europe [2CD]

Artist: Melody Gardot

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Format: CD
Label: VERVE
Genre: Blues/Jazz
Released: 02/09/2018
UPC: 602557654882

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Live In Europe [2CD]
Live In Europe [2CD]

Artist: Melody Gardot
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1. Our Love Is Easy - Live in Paris
2. Baby I'm A Fool - Live in Vienna
3. The Rain - Live in Bergen
4. Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind - Live in Amsterdam
5. So Long - Live in Frankfurt
6. My One and Only Thrill - Live in Barcelona
7. Lisboa - Live in Lisbon
8. Over The Rainbow - Live in Zurich

1. (Monologue) Special Spot - Live in London
2. Baby I'm A Fool - Live in London
3. Les Etoiles - Live in London
4. Goodbye - Live in Utrecht
5. (Monologue) Tchao Baby - Live in Utrecht
6. March For Mingus - Live in Utrecht
7. Bad News - Live in Utrecht
8. Who Will Comfort Me - Live in Amsterdam
9. Morning Sun - Live in Paris

More Info:

After a serious car accident when she was 19, Melody Gardot used the experience as a springboard to musical success she might never have achieved otherwise. Gardot had played the piano before the accident, and a doctor suggested that she use music as a kind of recovery therapy. Since she couldn't sit comfortably at the piano, she picked up a guitar and now after several albums she is celebrating the international tour success of her career so far by brings us her first ever album of live recorded music.  “Live In Europe” presents live versions of her greatest hits recorded at concerts worldwide between 2012 & 2016. An album personally curated by Melody herself, hits include Baby I’m A Fool, My One and Only Thrill, Les Etoiles & March For Mingus.