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Enter To Win Tickets To White Lies At The Showbox!

POSTED BY ON Sun Apr 20, 10:38 AM

British post-punk band White Lies will be at the Showbox Market on April 23rd! Enter to win a pair of tickets by e-mailing contests@easystreetonline.com with the subject line "Big TV" (the title of their most recent release) and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw winners on 4/21. Good luck!


Record Store Day 2014 At Easy Street!

POSTED BY ON Fri Apr 18, 11:30 AM

This Saturday is the big day - Record Store Day 2014! Easy Street events will include an RSD performance by Sub Pop's Rose Windows, signings of Easy Street exclusive RSD vinyl with former Screaming Trees members Barrett Martin & Van Conner and Caspar Babypants signing & DJ set! Plus more awesome guest DJs & friends to make your day! 

First things first...the usual rules/guidelines apply, which are:

1). We limit sales to one of each RSD14 release per person.
2). Please do not bring CDs, vinyl or DVDs to sell/trade on Record Store Day.
3). Play nice. RSD is all about fun. 

So...are you ready? Here's your guide to Easy Street RSD14!

3:30 AM - This is when the first (insane) person got in line last year. Yes, he got his Dave Matthews release. If you choose to join the asylum, dress warm, use the trash receptacles next to the store and, most importantly, utilize the Sanikan on the Southwest corner of Alaska Street if nature calls. Keep it clean, folks!

6 AM - Morning Happy Hour! - Caffe Vita's Rick Friel will make the scene with free samples of Vita's newest blend INDO 25, a commemorative coffee in celebration of Easy Street Records 25th Anniversary as an independent, Seattle business. Rick's a columnist for Easy Street Online (Friel's Bin Spins) and plays bass in Jamie Nova. He was also in the legendary local band Shadow with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready back in the day. Rick's also the nicest guy in the world...so don't hesitate to tell him how much you love the new brew! Easy Street President Matt Vaughan hints that he will be "walking the pig" up and down the line around this time, so if you like our bacon, follow your nose!

7 AM - The doors open! Again, please play nice. All RSD full-length vinyl will be upstairs; 7-inches and CDs will be on main floor. Enjoy the sounds of our vinyl guru, Michael Whitmore, who'll be spinning cool, rare wax up in the Crow's Nest on our super fancy new sound system!

9 AM - until ? - We think Tyranny & Mutation owner Rick Moe might be the best junker in town. With a 15-year background of fashion design & vintage picking, Rick uses this experience to tailor a small, curated collection of one of a kind, bad ass stuff to wear and accessorize with. Check out his selection of vintage rock tees and more outside when you're done blasting your way through the vinyl!

All Day till 3pm - Let's EAT! - Now you're getting hungry, right? Give your name to our friendly host or hostess and we'll find a table for you in the cafe as soon as possible! Horton Heat Hash? New Wave-O's Rancheros? Johnny Cash Steak & Eggs? Bizkits & Gravy? Mmmm.... And more coffee, of course! Cafe is open until 3pm.

11 AM - Signing w/Barrett Martin & Van Conner of the Screaming Trees - Barrett & Van will be signing copies of an RSD Easy Street exclusive - the red vinyl edition of Last Words: The Final Recordings! Very limited.

11 AM - 1 PM - DJ Troy Nelson (KEXP) will take over the decks in the Crow's Nest. He might even bring a special friend with him...hmm, who could it be?

All Day Long - Grab a cold beer and go back upstairs to check out our newly-expanded vinyl section! We recently marked a bunch of your favorite records down to $2.50, so get digging!

1 PM - 3PM - Tag Your Swag! - Wanna customize your t-shirt, record crate, computer bag, guitar case, etc with the Easy Street logo? How about your car? Bring it with you and our stencil artist Larry Cyr will turn your ordinary possession into a badge of honor. Free!

All Day Long - Christmas In April! - Easy Street President Matt Vaughan will be giving away special RSD test pressings and other sweet promo items to lucky winners. Check our Twitterverse tomorrow for some sweet examples...

All Day (Until Gone) - Unburied Treasures! - We do a lot of cleanup work before RSD, and we usually find a bunch of cool things we had no idea we still had. This year, we'll be selling a limited number of Eddie Vedder's "Love Boat Captain" 7-inches, Mike McCready & Brandi Carlile 7-inches, signed copies of The Head & The Heart's Let's Be Still and the massive Pixies Minatour box ($100+ discount!). All will be offered for sale on RSD, one per customer, very limited while supplies last.

3 PM - 4PM  - Kids Happy Hour w/Caspar Babypants Signing & DJ Set! - Another Easy Street exclusive! We're the ONLY brick & mortar store where you will be able to buy the very limited run (80 copies on yellow vinyl) of the seven-song seven-inch, Bonus Beatles!, featuring unreleased songs from Baby Beatles recording sessions. Mr. Babypants will be signing copies and spinning songs from the new release (+more), so bring the kids and let's have some FUN!

6:30 PM - Adult Happy Hour! The 21-and-over set will be able to enjoy the second pressing of Easy Street 25 Wine! Mortal Vinter winemaker Reggie Mace is making the drive from Dayton to deliver the second batch of this tasty Barbera. Kids are welcome in the store/cafe during this time...but, obviously, you must be 21 or over to sample the grape.

7 PM - Rose Windows In-Store! "Elements of The Band's folk-infused rock, The Doors organ-driven psychedelia, and Black Sabbath's blues-based dirges can be heard in Rose Windows' debut album The Sun Dogs. But the septet's curiosity goes much further than a few well-chosen classic rock records. The band devoured Persian, Indian, and Eastern European music, studying the beautiful and strange paths taken by visionaries and renegades in other corners of the globe, and incorporated the revelations learned in the process into their sound."

See you on Saturday!



Win Tickets To Drive-By Truckers and Shovels & Rope At The Showbox!

POSTED BY ON Thu Apr 17, 11:46 AM

This show is going to rule...plain & simple! Drive-By Truckers are bringing all 18 wheels to the Showbox SODO for a show with our favorite hubby & wifey folk duo, Shovels & Rope on April 23rd! Enter to win tickets by e-mailing contests@easystreetonline.com with the subject line "English Oceans" (the title of their most recent release) and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw winners on 4/21. Good luck!

Rather not leave it to chance? Buy tickets here!

Ayron Jones Meets Fresh Espresso's P Smoov At Easy Street!

POSTED BY ON Thu Apr 17, 09:10 AM

Last week, Seattle guitar god Ayron Jones and Fresh Espresso's P Smoov happened to meet up at Easy Street and a show was born! Don't miss this killer double bill at the Tractor Tavern on May 2nd - buy tickets here!

Win Tickets To Bombay Bicycle Club At The Neptune!

POSTED BY ON Wed Apr 16, 09:18 AM

London indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club just released their fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, and now they are taking it to the people! They'll be at the Neptune on April 23 and we've got a pair of tickets for one lucky winner! Enter to win by e-mailing contests@easystreetonline.com with the subject line "So Long" and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw a winner on 4/21. Good luck!

Record Store Day 2014 Preview #15!

POSTED BY ON Tue Apr 15, 03:01 PM

Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News

The 50th-anniversary edition of Cooke's final album and one of his best. It includes the civil rights anthem, "A Change Is Gonna Come," written shortly after Cooke was arrested during a heated argument with a Holiday Inn manager after he and his wife were turned away from the hotel. The first side of the record is described as "strong and rockin'" while the second side contains "ballads....deep and soulful." Only 1800 copies.

The Fresh Sheet! New Releases 4/15!

POSTED BY ON Tue Apr 15, 11:40 AM

The Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast

"The most satisfying moments on the Afghan Whigs' first album in 16 years aren’t the soaring choruses, or the runaway guitar solos, or the thinly veiled R&B references—not even Van Hunt doing a truly killer Bobby Womack impersonation on 'It Kills.' Rather, Do to the Beast is best right before all hell breaks loose. On 'Royal Cream,' Greg Dulli and the band draw out the verse for an extra beat or two, ratcheting up the suspense before surging into the swaggering chorus. You brace yourself for the impact, as you would in a car crash… On Do to the Beast, Dulli seems less interested in rehashing the raw rock-quartet attack the Afghan Whigs mastered in the 90s than he is in building on it. The pummeling math-rock riff of 'Matamoros' and the impossible breakneck pace of 'The Lottery' recall the band in spirit if not precisely in sound, and opener 'Parked Outside' may be the heaviest thing he’s ever committed to tape. These songs are orchestrated grandly to draw out the dark drama of Dulli's lyrics, which continue to plumb the deteriorating effects of drugs, crime, and love, but overall there’s less groove than you might expect from an Afghan Whigs album. … Do to the Beast may not always sound like an Afghan Whigs album, but it operates like one, scavenging the darker corners of pop history to create something personal, vital, and urgent." - Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork

Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out

"Pushing the door wide open, Ingrid Michaelson has made her best album. She lost her voice for several months last year, so she has a new appreciation of her gift. Her voice is deeper and more soulful. And she still employs girlish 'ooh-ooh' harmonies, but the result is more adult, at times like an ethereal Kate Bush. She experiments with many colors, from synth-pop to funk stomp to piano ballads. And she switches her approach from writing all the songs to using 10 co-writers. Michaelson sings about loves lost, found, and otherwise, but there are breakthrough moments in the urgency of 'Time Machine,' the synth-pop of 'Handsome Hands,' and the surging 'Wonderful Unknown,' where she sings 'nothing lasts forever, but the sound of love astounds me every time that it calls.' You might expect a schizoid clusterbomb from Lights Out, but instead it's an impressively seamless mix." - Steve Morse, Boston Globe

Ingrid Michaelson - "Girls Chase Boys"

Thee Oh Sees - Drop

"For a band who've built a career out of letting their collective freak flag fly, Thee Oh Sees seem to be purposefully inching toward something resembling normality. 2013's Floating Coffin found them inquisitively poking at the frameworks of straight-up hard rock, and with 2014's Drop, Thee Oh Sees are similarly playing with pop songs. There's definitely a side portion of psychedelia folded into these tunes, as you might expect, but the oozing guitar freakouts and epic-scale noise battles that used to be a traditional feature on an Oh Sees album generally fail to materialize. Instead, Drop is a collection of songs running between two and four minutes (the relative epic 'Encrypted Bounce' is the only number to break the five-minute barrier, though it's still a modest work compared to the 13-plus minutes of Warm Slime's title track), with many boasting cleaner arrangements than usual, along with actual hooks. ... And in grand pop tradition, Drop wastes little time, spinning through its nine songs in 32 minutes, and leaving the listener wanting more. There's enough of Thee Oh Sees' personality in Drop that fans will readily recognize it, but if you've ever been turned off by their layers of skronk, or the acid-damaged travels into the sonic wilderness, Drop could well be the album where this band finally catches up with you." - Mark Deming, All Music

Thee Oh Sees - "Drop"

Courtney Barnett - The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas

"Courtney Barnett's The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas has been arriving in lucky U.S. mailboxes in recent days, but the first stateside release from the languidly observant Australian garage-rock bandleader is officially out today, with a video to mark the occasion. For those not yet familiar, 'Avant Gardener' — this writer's pick for the No. 1 track of last year — is the unambitiously ambitious breakout song, the everyday-psychedelic first-person narrative with the offhand Pulp Fiction reference and the best asthma-inhaler lyric in at least a few years. 'History Eraser' is the unhedonistically hedonistic one, the arty party you could buy on a split seven-inch single, where the Stones give way to the mods and a #YOLO comment nonchalantly leads to touching tongues, which all winds up with a Triffids song. But The Double EP also has an estimable mellow streak, and 'Anonymous Club' captures that wonderfully; its slowcore-glazed tale of an intimate evening with ample wine and no phones would fit perfectly on a mix alongside the music of fellow-Aussie-accented Allo Darlin'. The song's new video (via the Quietus) delivers patient, monochrome animations — all the better for languid observation, of course." - Marc Hogan, Spin

Courtney Barnett - "Avant Gardener"

The Both - The Both

"Former Boston gal Aimee Mann and modern punk ace Ted Leo write smart, sharp pop melodies. But that doesn't mean they'd make a great duo — during emotional climaxes Mann tends to get quiet, wounded, tender; Leo blows tunes up with battering-ram power chords and shouting. For their first collaboration as the Both — the self-titled debut is out today — they meet in the middle: Mann adds a little (just a little) volume to her gentle voice; Leo whittles down the Clash homages. Turns out the middle is a warm, sweet place full of harmonies and hooks. From the opening, 'The Gambler,' Leo sings with the slow soul we rarely get on his solo stuff. A song later, 'Milwaukee,' Mann bops along echoing Leo's classic clipped cadence. With each track the two grow more intertwined until they close with 'The Inevitable Shove' — a 50/50 blend of Brill Building piano and screeching guitar." - Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

The Both - "Milwaukee"

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Make My Head Sing

"The third album from this Kent, OH singer-songwriter recasts her atmospheric folk-pop into something darker and heavier. Featuring a stripped-down, primal rock-band sound, the album combines thick, grungy guitars and muscular rhythms with Mayfield’s sultry deadpan vocals and dark, often-seedy lyrics." - Don Yates, KEXP

Jessica Lea Mayfield - "I Wanna Love You"

Bobby Bare Jr - Undefeated

"Neil Sedaka wasn’t kidding when he sang 'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.' Some people choose to let a breakup ruin them only to become that sad drunk guy at the bar nobody can stand. Others, however, can turn a breakup into something positive. In the case of Nashville singer-songwriter Bobby Bare Jr. that positive comes in the form of a brand new album aptly titled Undefeated (Bloodshot Records). The album is his first full-length in four years and sees him returning from a long stint of mostly solo acoustic outings to his rock band the Young Criminals Starvation League, a hodge-podge lineup of musicians that has changed throughout the years but always remains a highly talented group of players. Most importantly, the album is a return to the Bobby Bare Jr. we know and love. Like his previous works, Undefeated offers up a selection of ten very different tunes that all share in common Bobby's distinctive twangy rasp and a core root of hook-driven rock with pop sensibilities. Much like an actual breakup, the songs are a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from resentment on 'If She Cared' to reflection on 'Blame Everybody (But Yourself),' and even tongue-in-cheek optimism on 'The Big Time.' As a whole Undefeated is one of Bobby Bare Jr.'s finest records to date." - Neil Ferguson, No Depression

NOTE: We only have time to spotlight a fraction of the new releases out each week in the Fresh Sheet. See our full list here!


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